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CEM has provided expert-level energy storage research to multiple industries since its origin as the Energy Storage Group in 1972.  Advanced graphite epoxy composites and novel rotor topologies are currently installed in fifth generation power supplies for electromagnetic aircraft launchers.  These technological breakthroughs led the way for energy storage flywheels in a variety of applications ranging from satellites and the International Space Station to high-speed locomotives and advanced technology transit buses.  Composite materials developed at CEM allowed for flywheel designs that well surpassed the specific energy storage performance of previous generation flywheel rotor designs.  Recent concerns over energy security have generated a market need for system-level energy storage solutions. CEM’s expertise in energy storage is helping government and industry partners overcome technological barriers.  CEM assists in the design and testing of customer-specific applications of proven solutions, while continuing to advance technological solutions for the rigorous demands of today’s energy storage market.

Current Activities:

• Flywheels - nanostructures & superconducting bearings for improved performance

• Super conducting rotating machines

• Hydrogen Energy Storage - vehicles, conformable tanks


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