Video Library

This work estimates how fast microgrid controllers should respond to maintain a stable frequency.

A demonstration video of the H2 bus.

Installation of the nearly 11-ton bridge onto the test stand in CEM's highbay lab.

DC Arc Fault Testing: DC series fault at 280 VDC (resistive load)

AC Fault Testing: microgrid series fault at 208 VAC

Homopolar welding is a process by which a high current DC generator passes current through two conducting shapes to produce a fusion weld in time intervals from 0.1 to 0.5 seconds.

For the past four decades, CEM has served as a key contributor to the University's success in research, education, and service to the community.

Design of a high precision pointing system for the NASA Glenn Research Center’s Integrated RF and Optical Communications System (iROC)

Advanced Materials Plasma Driven Metal Deposition. Cem leverages pulsed power technology to deposit and incorporate materials on existing surfaces.

Metal Deposition Prototype Hardware Demonstration

CEM’s active suspension technology substitutes “smart” actuators for normally passive shock absorbers or dampers, adding both sensors and a digital controller to provide unparalleled mobility.