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Dr. Robert Hebner

Major national and international trends are stimulating the growth in electromechanics. Energy and environmental concerns are stimulating activities to improve air quality and increase efficiency. CEM responded with research R&D in both the transportation and in the electricity utility sectors. For example, we are working to improve hybrid cars, trucks, busses, and trains. In the electric utility area, the deregulation of the electric utility industry is opening opportunities for alternative energy sources, such as fuel cells, wind turbines and microturbines, as well as in energy storage. The existing grid is aging, opening the door to new modes of electricity transmission and generation. As technology advances are becoming increasingly important, the global business climate increasingly rewards companies that are lean, nimble and quick to market. This is not an environment that rewards large corporate investment in research and development. Companies that prosper in this environment tend to import technology effectively and quickly convert technical advances to profits. In the U.S., the source of this technology is increasingly research universities like the University of Texas at Austin. Moreover, the Center for Electromechanics is well positioned to help develop needed technology, as it is the largest and most comprehensive university-based electromechanics research and development facility in the U.S. The Center for Electromechanics continues to help optimize industry and government use technology in an ever-changing world. Our research staff interacts with industry on the time scale industry needs. Students and faculty assure that the work of the Center continues to be at the leading edge of technology. We use a wide range of models of interaction with companies and government agencies to maintain our responsiveness to changing needs. We provide all of the normal transfer mechanisms - students, patents, license agreements, Intranet researchers, publications - but we also listen to the needs of both the clients and the University to structure a solution that works for both. We learn not just from our own research, but also from the rest of the University, from industry and from government.

Dr. Robert Hebner, Director

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